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Spoken Soul Festival


Learn more about Deborah's award winning Spoken Soul Festival, a 3 day festival that supports women artists, in celebration of the international holiday SWAN Day.


Spoken Soul

Spoken Soul; A Survival Kit of Poetry - COVER


SPOKEN SOUL; A Survival Kit Of Poetry was Deborah’s first poetic project. She worked with famed producers including Latin Grammy nominee Andres Dalmastro,  Brandon K. Olmos (son of Hollywood legend Edward James Olmos), renowned bassist Peter Tolluck, and publisher / producer Will Edwards to create a fusion of smooth jazz and soul-based melodies as the soundtrack to Deborah’s reflections about  her discovery of all forms of love since September 11th and her reconciliation with her Nuyorican soul.


Photo By Rafael Balcazar


“Deborah Magdalena lets us into her confessional, a place where she delivers her most intimate, heartfelt, sometimes raw, sometimes playful, always passionate poems.Bless us, father!” - Liz Balmaseda, Pulitzer Prize winning writer and film producer.