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Spoken Soul Festival


Learn more about Deborah's award winning Spoken Soul Festival, a 3 day festival that supports women artists, in celebration of the international holiday SWAN Day.



Heartbreak Haiku COVER Heartbreak Haiku is Deborah’s first chapbook and received rave reviews and accolades in the fall of 2010. This expression of poetic love by soulful spoken word poet Deborah Magdalena is a heartfelt and honest account of her battle with the process of relationships and heart break. The words don’t just jump off the page-- they singe your skin right down to the core, right down to your soul. "I needed to write heartbreak haikus so that I could live through the love, the shock, the rage, the mourning, and the forgiveness that comes with a heart break to be able to truly find the ultimate love--self-love, and to understand my self-worth,” states Deborah.

 “In Heartbreak Haiku, Deborah transforms into a 21st century, Samurai, Adobo-Eating, Guerrera Princess who channels her poetic-god in an attempt to conquer the trials and tribulations of her past, present, and future relationships.” Nuyorican poet Shaggy Flores